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Craig, Sales Account Manager

I have enjoyed working for NCBP for the past 20 years because I’ve had a lot of freedom in my position to sell various products, adjust my own work schedule, and work as hard as I want to earn more money.

I’ve also had the unusual but fortunate role of having Dean Crotty, our President, as my immediate supervisor.  Dean has always trusted me to manage my own products and sales over the years, kept me challenged with new opportunities to keep my interest up, and made decisions that were sometimes tough to take at the time, but they have always resulted in a better situation for my role with NCBP.  I was originally hired largely based on Dean’s recommendation, so I owe my career at NCBP to him.

Dean has always said that one of the keys to success as a leader is to surround yourself with great people. Well, that’s another great reason to work at NCBP and why I’ve stayed here for 20 years. I’ve had the opportunity to work with a lot of really fun, hardworking friends. They are more than just coworkers that punch out at 5:00 and call it a day.  They are here to help whether it is in their job description or not!


Sales Account Manager

Jackie, Senior Accounts Payable Associate

NCBP was a business where I wanted to get my foot in the door and prove what I could do and hopefully grow professionally as well as grow with the company. I have been here almost 20 years. There have been many challenges and a lot of hard work, but I am still proud to this day of where I work, and I look forward to what challenges lie ahead of us.

When I am talking with someone in the community and they find out where I work, one common question is, “OK, so who owns that again?” I proudly say, “I am one of the owners,” and I explain to them what that means.


Senior Accounts Payable Associate

Josh, Major Accounts Specialist

As I reflect on my 10 years with NCBP, I realize NCBP has taken me from Haines, Alaska to Sanibel Island, Florida. On this journey, I have met so many amazing people and have been in so many exciting situations. NCBP has given me the opportunity to work with customers all over this country.

With that said, I didn’t do it alone. We have such a great team to work with. From always having a hotel room or a plane ticket booked, to the technical team that is willing to provide the support to fill in the blanks when needed. We have a driven sales team that is always moving us forward to the next opportunity and a leadership team that holds all the pieces together. Finally, we have a president that has called me by name since the first time I was introduced to him. These are just some of the reasons I enjoy working for NCBP.



Major Accounts Specialist

Stacy, Customer Care Center Analyst

NCBP is a family environment where I feel fully comfortable with my co-workers and managers. I also like the appreciation and recognition from management and co-workers on a job well done. NCBP gives you many options to grow within the company, if you choose to work hard, then you can truly make a difference for yourself and the company. NCBP has made a difference in my life and encourages me to reach for my goals on a daily basis.


Customer Care Center Analyst