Real-Time Store Data and Analytics at Your Fingertips

Get real-time access to retail and grocery operational KPIs through the Echo mobile app.


Quickly access all the real-time information, data and KPIs you need to manage your operations.

  • View real-time and historical store metrics, KPIs, sales, and transaction data
  • Immediately see which stores, departments and products are trending
  • Get direct and detailed insights into daily sales, hourly sales, customer traffic and more
  • Enjoy better visibility into sales performance, store operations and associate productivity
  • Compare year-over-year analytics by company, region and individual store
  • Capture data from any point of sale system or location with flexible integration

Get the Information You Need in Real Time

No more calling on store staff or waiting to view outdated reports. Manage your operations, address challenges, and capitalize on opportunities with real-time information and efficiency.

Review Sales Vitals and KPIs

Get direct insights into daily and hourly sales, customer traffic and more, with sorting and filtering by numerous key metrics such as net sales, transactions per day, sales by touchpoint, and basket size.

Delve Deeper into Your Business

View a snapshot of year-over-year performance with an intuitive dashboard, and dive deeper with year-over-year comparisons at any level of your organization, including company, region and store.

Improve Your Sales and Operational Visibility

Get immediate visibility into real-time and historical sales performance, store operations and associate productivity so you can make faster, smarter and more effective decisions.

Capture Data from Multiple Locations and POS Systems

Integrate the Echo app

Designed by Mobile Store Technology Experts

The Echo store analytics app is designed, engineered and supported by our team at NCBP, with decades of experience in helping stores streamline their operations and leverage technology to help grow their business.

Professional Installation and Integration

We’ll connect Echo with all your store point of sale systems, so you always have the most accurate data at your fingertips.

Exceptional Service

We work with you at every step to understand your business needs and ensure a successful solution implementation.

User Training and 24/7 Support

We provide training and 24/7 support, so your users can get up to speed as quickly and effectively as possible.

Learn More and Schedule a Demo

Contact NCBP to learn how you can improve your store management and operations with Echo mobile store analytics.