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Comprehensive Digital Tag Solutions


We’ve partnered with SES-imagotag, the world leader in digital tags, to bring you a robust, scalable solution.  The VUSION solution fits perfectly into grocery with premium digital tags, direct integration into your existing back office, and cloud-based software to manage and deploy updates.


Digital tags help your team increase consistency and productivity by fully integrating price management into just a few clicks.  No more printing, no more sorting, no more hanging.  Best of all, you can redeploy associates from tedious to more profitable tasks, not to mention ensure price updates are deployed on time, every time – all because updates are just a click away.

Manage stores centrally

Whether your operation is a single store or multi-store, our digital tag solutions provide the perfect tools for centralizing item maintenance, weekly vendor updates, and deployment on demand.  What used to take a team now takes just an individual or two, with all updates and deployment managed from your main office.

Fixtures & Accessories

SES-imagotag digital tag solutions include fixtures to meet all the needs of grocery retailers, including center store, freezers, meat and produce coolers, racks, bins, and more.

Fixtures are designed to be rotated, adapted and easily removable at any time. They fit perfectly with any shelf and can be tilted to most any angle.

Locked in Place – by Design

SES-imagotag tags are known for their patented Easylock Anti-Theft system.  Sure the system prevents theft of your new digital tags, but perhaps just as important, EasyLock ensures your tags stay put – where you put them.  No worries about clients accidentally moving tags down the line, and no more worries about carts knocking off tags on that bottom shelf either.

Ingenuity built in, built for grocers.

How Electronic Pricing Works

Digital tags (electronic shelf labels or ESL) are both simple and effective to use. For an electronic pricing system, you only need:


Digital Tags


Rails, brackets and adapters for attaching the tags


ESL software linking the merchandise management system and cash register with the tags


Access point (gateway) for transferring the data from the ESL system to the tags


• Integrated into SMS & NCR batch management
• Eliminate hours spent hanging tags
• Truly centralize price management with guaranteed deployment
• Increase price and tag data accuracy
• Quickly adapt & react to price fluctuations
• Increase margins with more dynamic pricing schedules
• Easy to understand markdown management
• Build customer confidence
• Grow into replenishment and picking, geolocation and planogram, management

Featured Solution

SES-imagotag is a fast-growing retail tech company, listed on the Euronext Paris stock exchange, with revenues around €423 million. The company is the world leader in smart digital labels and Retail IoT solutions for physical retail, serving over 300 large retailers around the world in Europe, Asia and America.

The Group’s mission is to support retailers in their digital transformation to help them better manage and control their stores, making them ultra-connected and ultra-efficient, while enabling a truly omnichannel in-store shopping experience.

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