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Saving Labor with Affordable Compact Self-Checkouts

We need to do more in our stores with less labor.

Labor shortages, increased competition for workers, and rising wage costs are continuing to plague the grocery and retail industry. But there’s one simple and extremely affordable way to overcome those challenges. By installing affordable self-checkouts, you can serve more customers and provide the convenience they want without having to expand your workforce. You can also free up your current workers to focus on other tasks in your operations, such as inventory, merchandising, and e-commerce fulfillment.


Our new SmartCheckout is the affordable compact self-checkout that costs up to 50% less than a traditional self-checkout, and it fits into virtually any smaller space while providing labor-saving self-service for your customers. SmartCheckout is software agnostic and is equipped with Zebra’s amazing new MP7000 scanner scale, which dramatically simplifies and speeds up item scanning.

Download our spec sheet or contact us at NCBP to learn more about SmartCheckout and how it can add modern, labor-saving convenience for you and your customers.

The SmartCheckout Solution

The Smaller and More Affordable Self-Checkout

  • It costs about 50% less than a traditional self-checkout.
  • It has a small and compact design that fits virtually anywhere. It works with all major POS solutions and can be pre-loaded with LOC/SMS.
  • It includes Zebra’s MP7000 scanner/scale for ultra-fast scanning.
  • It provides self-service convenience with labor-saving automation.

of American consumers now prefer self-checkouts.1


of American consumers now use self-checkouts exclusively.1


of shoppers still use traditional checkout lanes because they’re the only method available.2

Top 5 Reasons Why Shoppers Prefer Self-Checkouts

It's Not a Generational Thing

50% of baby boomers and seniors want non-traditional checkouts too!2


1 Raydiant 2021 State of Self-Checkout Experiences, Feb 2021

2 The New Retail Expectation,” and Toshiba, Sep 2021

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