Meet Our Team

Jim Freed

CEO and President

Driven by hands-on experience with technologies and his dedication to the people who use them, Jim cultivates a vision, organization, and work environment to enable our associates and customers to succeed and thrive.

Jim served in several key technology, service, support, and operational roles before becoming CEO and President of NCBP. He is a member of multiple partner advisory boards and enjoys fostering relationships, sharing best practices, and staying on top of industry trends.

Matthew Swanson

Vice President of Operations

As a technology leader, Matt helps our associates, and our clients tackle their toughest business challenges.

Matt has held several roles at NCBP and has focused on numerous process improvement, operational excellence, cybersecurity, and strategic technology initiatives.

Matt’s approach to leadership strives to balance a tenacious focus on results against making sure associates and their families are well-cared for. He is passionate about his family, and endeavors to build a team that allows his associates the space to achieve results while also achieving their desired work-life balance and personal objectives.

Before joining NCBP in 2008, Matt worked with MICROS Systems with their Leisure and Entertainment team. He holds multiple technical, project management, and process improvements certifications and advanced degrees focused on helping him build successful teams and drive results.

Over his career, Matt has worked with some of the largest operators in the industry and around the world, is passionate about helping them design and implement technology solutions that help achieve their goals, and has presented at multiple conferences and seminars on related topics.

Matt also serves on the boards of directors of multiple industry and community organizations, and volunteers actively in the community.

Jandi Ketelsen

Sr. Director, Financial Services and Administration

During the last two decades, Jandi has learned and mastered every facet of NCBP’s accounting and financial systems, rising to the role of Senior Director, Financial Services and Administration.

As an employee owner, she is always busy working on new processes, strategizing, building partner relationships, and developing fellow associates. Her excellent business acumen includes managing NCBP cash flow, budgeting, inventory management, business operations and ESOPs.