MDR vs EDR: Why did my agreement increase in cost?

How You Benefit from Managed Threat Detection and Response

Several years ago, NCBP began including standard antivirus EDR protection in our agreements. We did this in order to simplify the purchasing experience and to help make sure that all of our clients had at least a base level of protection against cyberthreats.

This was not a complete nor comprehensive solution to all of today's threats. It was a good first step, but more needed to be done.

This year, we began including a more comprehensive solution, which is Managed Detection and Response (MDR).

While we feel this protection is critical for the protection of your business, we also understand that the increased expense may not be tenable for some of our clients. If you would prefer to opt back down to our standard protection, please complete the form below. A prorated (if appropriate) credit will be issued for $35 per POS terminal/lane/year.

If you would like to discuss our protection plans, or anything else about your account, please email, or call us at (800) 937-4140.

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