Grocery and Retail

We provide dependable, robust hardware and software solutions to optimize your retail capabilities. Our knowledgeable implementation, training, and support teams ensure that the solution is integrated quickly and with limited downtime.


We offer conversational ordering, customer display systems, kiosks, mobile order takers, online ordering, delivery management, kitchen display systems, loyalty programs, gift cards, customer relationship management, and more.

Managed Services

Protect your customers, your assets, and your competitive edge with a Security Solution from NCBP. We also offer solutions to protect your network and data, ensuring it is secure from malicious threats.

Approachable Technology For Your Business

For over 70 years NCBP has provided innovative business technology solutions that deliver results. Our associates make technology approachable. You know your business, that doesn’t always mean you are well versed in POS solutions. That’s where we excel, allow our team of professionals to design, implement and manage a solution that will build and protect all aspects of your business. From POS to network solutions, we’ve got you covered.

Featured Product - NCR ENCOR

Grocery retailers have never been under more pressure to meet shopper demands and stay ahead of competition, and legacy POS systems often can’t keep up. Today’s shoppers are less loyal and have many new choices in how to purchase food, traditional grocers must provide engaging and hassle-free shopping experiences inside the stores to keep their customers coming back. NCR ENCOR helps grocers achieve this, with a modern POS solution that delivers a complete platform of service, not only a point of sale.

NCR ENCOR includes all the tools to effectively optimize store operations and streamline the checkout process. With NCR ENCOR, retailers can leverage their current POS hardware investments while accessing an open architecture that supports omni-channel shopping and provides customers with rich experiences regardless of where, when or how they shop.

Let Us Know What Technology Solutions or Services You Need

Not only can you react immediately to issues as they arise, but you can do it from anywhere—anytime! echo has an easy to use dashboard which features a snapshot of store performance.

Product Highlight

  • POS agnostic: Capture data from multiple location on multiple POS systems
  • Intuitive Dashboard: A snapshot of sales performance year over year
  • Sales Performance: Direct insights into daily sales, hourly sales, customer traffic and more, with the ability to drill down for more detail