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Flexible: Combined with TRUNO’s professional services, POS functionality can be customized at store level. Retailers are able to consider operational factors such as store layout, individual lane design and growth strategy to mold the solution to meet their needs.

One Size Fits All

From single store to large chains, ENCOR is designed to support your size. With a centralized management and reporting solution included, the software is equipped to operate at store or enterprise level. ENCOR is able to interface with existing back office solutions.


ENCOR expands beyond the ISS45 v8 architecture to provide item master, DSD receiving, perpetual inventory, cash office processes, and electronic data imports and exports.   Providing a complete solution for your operations, more than just a point-of-sale.


The possibilities are vast with ENCOR’s open architecture and API’s. Your operations remain secure, while integrations into third-party solutions are made possible. By leveraging TRUNO’s custom integration adding on solutions, such as click-n-collect or scan-and-go, becomes seamless.

Minimized Investment

Current ISS45 v8 users receive price incentives as loyal NCR users. ENCOR is able to run on most RealPOS hardware, reducing hardware upgrades. And, with similar architecture, minimal user training is required as a part of the conversion from v8 to ENCOR.