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An effective technology strategy is crucial to meeting today’s customer demands and needs, but grocers have historically lagged behind other industries when it comes to embracing and adopting new technologies. They’ve relied too much on outdated systems and service models while competitors and innovators have taken market share by becoming more efficient and creating new customer experiences and convenience.

As a result, many grocers were unprepared for the stocking and inventory challenges of COVD-19 and the changes necessary to keep employees and customers safe. They’ve also missed out on some of the best ways to improve operational performance, drive new revenue, and provide better customer service. Those who don’t adapt and don’t keep up with changing customer needs and demands will face a future of dwindling sales revenue, customer loyalty, and market share. We’ve already seen it with many traditional retailers who weren’t prepared for e-commerce and the impact of online shopping and new delivery and service models in their industry.

But grocers can avoid the same fate by doing what many retailers didn’t: embracing technology to create new efficiencies, new customer experiences, and new service models that help them adapt quickly to the changing future of the grocery industry. In this e-book, we take a look at some of the ways grocery stores can use technology to improve their customer service, optimize their store operations, and grow their business in a time of rapid change. The expertise found in this book is based on our decades of experience in helping over 6,500 grocery stores and retailers transform their businesses for the better.

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Convenient Self-Checkouts

By now, most leading grocery chains have implemented self-checkout systems. There’s no question that consumers are using self-checkouts in big numbers and prefer the speed and convenience of self-checkouts when they’re designed and function well. A 2018 report by found that 71% of consumers have used self-checkouts in supermarkets, and a survey by SOTI, an IOT and mobile device management firm, found that 73% of shoppers prefer retail self-service technologies over engaging with store associates. These figures have been growing in recent years, and they’re not only driving more investment in self-checkout lanes and self-service points of sale, but also leading stores such as Meijer to launch self-scanning mobile apps that allow customers to scan their purchases as they shop and then use their phone at a self-checkout register to quickly pay for their items and get on their way.

NCR Fastlane SelfServeTM is the next generation of self-checkout that provides retailers with more capability than ever before. Shoppers are offered more flexible and efficient ways to scan, bag, and pay for items.