Convenient Self-Checkouts

By now, most leading grocery chains have implemented self-checkout systems. There’s no question that consumers are using self-checkouts in big numbers and prefer the speed and convenience of self-checkouts when they’re designed and function well.
A 2018 report by found that 71% of consumers have used self-checkouts in supermarkets, and a survey by SOTI, an IOT and mobile device management firm, found that 73% of shoppers prefer retail self-service technologies over engaging with store associates.
These figures have been growing in recent years, and they’re not only driving more investment in self-checkout lanes and self-service points of sale, but also leading stores such as Meijer to launch self-scanning mobile apps that allow customers to scan their purchases as they shop and then use their phone at a self-checkout register to quickly pay for their items and get on their way.